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A.M. Studio Production Company

Production Company

A.M. Studio

A.M. Studio is a Production Service Company specializing in servicing foreign film and TV production companies wishing to film in Bulgaria. Our production company is uniquely placed to assist companies from abroad wishing to make Western productions at Eastern European prices.

We offer:

  • A complete range of camera services: DOPs, camera operators, focus pullers, camera assistants and loaders, in all formats: 35mm, 16mm and video.
  • General management with excellent local connections.
  • Location scouting, negotiating and procurement.
  • Our company is able to service feature films, documentaries, commercials, TV dramas, music videos, short films, etc.


Director: Andrey Chertov

Tel/fax: +359 2971 2765

Mobile : +359 88 8548 664


PR Director: Ivan Chertov

Mobile: +359 88 8565 340